Structured Online Aerial Hoop Lessons 

Making learning at home simple and fun.

Why This Course is Awesome for you?

  • 1

    Structured Follow Along Lessons 

    Each week you will gain access to a new lesson which are follow along, just like being in an actual class with me. Each lesson builds upon the last to ensure you progress in a logical order

  • 2

    Motivation on days you don't know what to do

    No longer need to figure out what to do, no longer need to scroll through hours searching instagram of what to do, or how to do it, literally click play! Each whole lesson should take approx 60mins to complete

  • 3

    Get stronger every lesson

    Each lesson will have conditioning moves, this is specific exercises that we do for reps that focus on building your strength to work towards more advance levels so you are always progressing in a safe way.

  • 4

    Access anytime

    You will have lifetime access, this means you can login and repeat as often as you want to ensure you master each move. Repetition is key to success

  • 5

    Suitable for Low Height Training

    These lessons are designed for those who have little space and training height (below 9ft) so you can be sure you will be able to do almost everything in the area you have available to you.  

Here's What You'll Get!

Warm Up & Conditioning

Each lesson will start up with a warm up and moves specifically to focus on building your strength and technique, known as conditioning.

Moves - Tricks

Every Lesson will have new moves for you try and also include a combo where you will start linking moves together to build strength and stamina. These lessons focus on fitness rather than dance. 

Cool Down - Stretch

Each lesson will end with a cool down which means a chance to unwind from class and stretch, not only to maintain but increase flexibility. 

Instructor Kelly 

I started my Aerial Hoop journey approx 5 years ago with no dance or gymnastic background, I self taught as there was no local studios at the time, so can completely relate to the challenges my students face when starting their aerial hoop journey. This is where I've figured it out to make it super easy to start learning.


After several years of teaching in my own studio in Plymouth UK, I wanted to impact even more amazing people which is why online PPA started. Having learnt so many amazing tricks and tips that has made a huge difference in students progress, it was about time I shared with you all. 


My passion is teaching and making sure my students succeed, sometimes it is just the smallest tweak that can make all the difference. 


Kelly Morgan

Pole Power Academy Creator

A question I get asked often is how do I progress, I don't even know where to start? 


I hear you. That's why PPA Aerial Hoop Lessons were created and are laid out in course levels. No throwing yourself in the deep end and hoping for the best, that's how injuries happen, Aerial Hoop is a journey and I want you to learn as much as possible in a logical order. 

All lessons are created in a space of less than 9ft. 


Just starting out, this is the place to start. 

  • Delilah Mount
  • Vine Climb
  • Bump Up
  • Mermaid
  • Man in the Moon
  • Birds Nest

Higher Intermediate

Being able to master all the intermediate levels are essential as this will expand on that. This level will cover moves such as:

  • Shoulder Press Tuck
  • Jigsaw Split
  • Twisted Hip Hold
  • Windmill 
  • Clothes Line
  • Alligator

Higher Beginner

Have some experience? This level will cover moves such as:

  • Straddle
  • Armpit Amazon
  • Star in the Bars
  • Superman
  • Front Balance
  • Gazelle


After covering the Beginner level you should have built the strength to invert without swinging. This level will cover moves such as:

  • Chard
  • Choke Hold
  • Delilah (Top Bar)
  • Scarabs
  • Poisson
  • Ankle Hang

Questions & Answers

How many lessons are there in each level?

Each level has a minimum of 12 lessons that are released once a week. This is to ensure you practice multiple times a week and not skip ahead, we know you guys ;) Building strength only comes with repetition which will enable you to progress onto the next level. 

I have a vey low aerial hoop set up approx 7ft, can I still join in?

The height I am using is 9ft, there maybe some limitations for certain moves but most members who work at a lower height take what they can from each lesson and get creative with the challenge of limited height for the rest. As long as you are happy with that, absolutely you can join in. 

Can I gain access to all the lessons at once instead of weekly?

At this present time, this option is not available. As this is newly launched, the lessons are recorded once weekly in advanced, this is so lessons can be adapted according to your feedback so you get what you need from each lesson. For example if many members struggle on a particular area, this is something we can recap in the next lesson to make sure you nail it. 

Can I access anytime?

Yes, you will gain lifetime access to these lessons for as long as we are in business.

Will the price change?

The cost for each course can change at anytime, so to ensure you get the best deal, enrol today. 

Screenshot of layout inside, super simple to get started, simply login, select lesson and press play. 

Is this Course Right for You?


  • For those who want some structure, a place to start, without feeling overwhelmed. 

  • For those who won't skip lessons but will get stuck in and give it a go, multiple times. 

  • For those who want to make progress and willing to do what it takes.


  • Not for those who aren't willing to try, or dedicate 1 hour a week to lessons. 

  • Not for those who are looking for advance level moves

  • Not for those who complain and say it doesn't work and not even asking for help

  • Not for those who are not willing to invest in their education 


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