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Pole Galore is an awesome online membership site where you will be able to access a load of amazing pole trick tutorials, pole combos and conditioning to further advance your knowledge and skills. 


Perfect for those who have completed PPA Online Structured Pole Courses and are ready to learn more, whether for themselves or for teaching purposes to create lesson plans.

  • Pole Tricks - Pick and choose from individual tricks from a range of levels to expand on the foundations and get creative 

  • Pole Combos - Continue to link moves together which will help develop your strength and stamina

  • Pole Conditioning- Build your strength and challenge your ability to aid further progression. A range of conditioning tricks that will help spice your workout up. 

Failure is giving up.

Progress is to keep trying until you get it!


Join up on this Membership today and get access to all our Live Zoom Classes too. 


Free Example Tutorials 

Instructor Kelly 

I started my pole journey 10 years ago with no dance or gymnastic background, I can completely relate to the challenges my students face when starting their pole journey, believe me when I say I couldn't get my feet off the floor for a fireman spin I had literally no strength.


After 5 years of teaching in my own studio in Plymouth UK, I wanted to impact even more amazing people which is why PPA started. Having learnt so many amazing tricks and tips that has made a huge difference in students progress, it was about time I shared with you all. 



Kelly Morgan

Pole Power Academy Creator

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Is this Membership Right for You?


  • For those who have completed Pole Power Academy Levelled Courses and are ready to expand their pole knowledge and skills

  • For those who will get stuck in and willing to do what is takes to progress

  • For those who are ready to invest in their pole education


  • Not for those who aren't willing to try

  • Not for those who need structure and someone to tell them what to do (complete the levelled lessons for that)

  • Not for those who are not willing to invest in their pole education 



I'm so sure you will love Pole Galore I am happy to give you a whole 7 days free access so you have absolutely nothing to lose to give it a try. If you don't like it simply cancel before 7 days are up and you wont be charged.

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